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Isla Mona Adventures

Some 47 miles southwest from Mayagüez and 37 miles southeast of Punta Espada, Dominican Republic floats rugged Mona Island, situated in the center of the Mona Passage. Although located closer to the Dominican Republic, Mona's history has been attached to Puerto Rico. It was discovered by Columbus in 1493, and in 1508 Ponce de León stopped in there. In 1511 the island was ceded to Columbus's younger brother Bartolomé by Columbus's son Diego.

Evidence of a long history can be found on this small island. Remains from the Taino village visited by both Columbus and Ponce de León are still to be found, among these remains you will find what appear to be Taino inscriptions, petroglyphs, pictographs, skeletons, bottles, and other relics. The ruins of historic cabins, stone walls, graves, and old trails, also are to be found.

Land Area: 10.9 sq km (6.7 sq mi)
Coordinates:    Latitude: 18.10° N   Longitude: 67.90° W


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